Using Tower And Rack Servers


The process of creating a network, or a hosting platform, will require a business to invest in servers. Servers a kind of specialized computer that is able to handle the job of storing data for a website or network, and can then deliver that data to computers that request in remotely. These servers are also able to handle the job of transferring data between two remote computers, and they are able to act as a backup unit where database can be stored.

Because of the importance of servers in creating a network, a business is going to need to invest a decent amount of money in them, and there is a good chance that the business will have to keep buying more servers as their needs increase. This means that a business is going to need to plan for the future, and so they are going to need to know how the two most common kinds of servers perform in an expanding network.

The most common kind of servers are called tower servers. These servers are cube-shaped, and may look a lot like a traditional desktop tower. Generally, tower servers are larger than both desktop towers and other kinds of servers, and are used for direct web hosting. Tower servers can be linked together, and the shape of them means that a few tower computers can simple be stacked on tables in a server room. Tower servers are a great option for companies that tend to purchase serving power in lump sums, and want to deal with as few pieces of equipment as possible. They are also good for businesses that are operating multiple networks and websites, and do not want to have the networks interact with each other. Tower servers allow for a business to simply purchase a new tower server that will likely be able to handle the needs of most networks and websites.


The second kind of servers are rack servers. These servers are thin rectangular pieces of equipment. They are designed to be stacked on top of each other in order to save space. Rack servers are generally less powerful than tower servers, but because they are designed to be used with multiple servers a business can simply purchase multiple rack servers. Rack servers are frequently placed in a specially designed cabinet, and individual rack servers can be removed from the rack if they need to be replaced. Rack servers come with their own power supplies and hard drives, which means that they are very easy to wire together.

Most businesses will purchase one or two tower servers when they first create a network. They will then move onto using rack servers, and will simply purchase new rack servers when they need more serving power. Avisolve is a company who can provide you and your business with all the necessary tools, likeĀ cloud servers, IT support and more.